Fall Decorating Ideas

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fall decorating ideas

Season changes are fun as they allow you plenty of scope to experiment with your own home decor. Come fall, people start looking for ways to add warm and cozy autumn elegance to their homes and prepare for the wintery months ahead. Decorating your home for fall can be easy and inexpensive, given you know how to tastefully recreate the rustic elegance of the season within your four walls. Adding the colors of fall and autumn bounties to your home won’t just spruce up the décor, but also add festive tone to it. Adding the autumnal warmth to a room can just set the perfect tone for the holidays ahead. Autumn-inspired homes are resplendent with warm color like cinnamon, gold, terracotta, fig, persimmon, mango and sun-ripened pumpkin, as well as seasonal adornments. Fall is the time to pull up your socks and bring in the holidays, complete with family gatherings and sleepy afternoons. Scroll further to know how to recreate autumn ambiance in your home.

Ideas For Fall Decorating

When it comes to talking about fall colors, think deep reds, bright oranges, dazzling yellows and brilliant browns. However, be wary of going over-the-top with colors. Here is a simple trick to help you achieve the perfect autumn palette. Whatever your main wall color is, paint your focal wall a deep shade of that color. For instance, if your walls are a pale peach, paint your focal wall a rich terracotta.

Adorn your mantels with brightly colored apples. Also, arrange tall branches with bright leaves inside a vase and place on your mantel. You can also add color by placing pumpkins with a bowl of pinecones, as it will create a wonderful contrast with the yellows and browns. For a colorful mantle, make a bed of fall leaves and place seasonal fruits and two candle stands on either side to complete the look.

Living Room
Transform you lofty living room into a cozy setting by updating rooms with accessories that have a natural palette. Pick creamy-hued pillows, lampshades, and candles to warm up the space. To make the sitting area more comfortable and inviting, use slip covered furniture and warm-colored patterns on the throw blankets and pillows. Accessorize with antiques to add a warm, unique touch. Place a rug near the fireplace and decorate the coffee table with a fall centerpiece of orange candles inside cylinder vases placed on a mirror. You can also use dried twigs in a tall vase and place it on the corner table. If you have a wall bookshelf, then deck it up with leaves and pumpkins placed on the shelves of the étagère.

Dining Table
Swap your pastel hued tablecloth with chocolate brown tablecloth and add a golden or yellow colored runner. Get creative, arrange a fall leaf inside a wine glass, and then place the floating candles inside to add a warm glow to the table. Create napkin rings with acorns by wiring 10 acorns together. For a relaxed feel, add pillows to stiff-backed dining chairs. You can also use small pumpkins as candleholders. Or place a bowl of fall leaves at regular intervals at the dining table.

The fall season also brings in a breeze of romance. Add a comforter on your bed in a warm shade of yellow or gold. Change your bedding set to fall color shades of orange, yellow, brown, or red. To decorate your bedside table, just place a bowl of potpourri in orange color and change the lampshade bulb to a warm hue. Also, place candles surrounded by silk leaves in fall colors, acorns, and berries. Use some old curtains to create a draped canopy on your bed to create a cocoon-like feel.

Reading Nook
If possible, create a cozy reading nook near a window by pulling a comfortable chair over to a sunny corner and add a small table for books or a cup of coffee. Accessorize with pillows in shades of red and place a few red and orange flowers in a clear glass bowl on the small side table. You can use your scarf in matching color as a table runner. Another idea is to carve a hollow in a small sized pumpkin and place a glass filled with fall leaves from your backyard.

If you have the space in your bath, add a lounge chair. Not only will it create a private cozy spot, your bath will feel more like a calming spa. For an inexpensive makeover, paint your mirror frame, wall sconces and tap fittings in a warm metallic golden shade. Add the elegance of fall into your bathroom by placing branches in tall vases and placing them randomly in your bath. Add scented candles in orange flavors to create a fall atmosphere. Replace your bath linen in bright orange shades.

Add petite pumpkins to an existing display of kitchen cabinets to dress it up for fall. Create a corn garland for your island table by hanging corncobs with the help of screw-eye hooks. Wrap around the edge of your island table. Another decoration idea with corns is to tie a grouping of corn ears together and hang from a cabinet door handles. If you have a chimney, then create a garland of fall leave and wrap it on the edge of the chimney to add a touch of warm color on your steel chimney. Replace the fabrics in the kitchen with plaid towels. Creatively accessorize the kitchen with art items in fall colors to complete the look.

There is no need to overdo the fall decoration and turn your house upside down with pumpkins, flowers and twigs. It is best to choose your accents carefully and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Also, hand grapevine wreaths and garlands around doors and windows. Sit back and let the nature inspire you for ideas.