Dining Room Makeover

Dining Room

dining room makeover

You love eating! But what if your eating space is congested with unnecessary elements, lacking the essentials of a great dining room? It is a debacle for a food lover who adores enjoying his/her meals with friends and family and of course with the nature. It’s high time to revamp your dining room so that you can relish your day to day meals just like a feast! There are various simple and easy ways in which your dining room can become an eating delight where you would love to spend more time than usual just because of its expression, repose and elegance! Few changes like bringing the furniture closer to each other, adding dazzling colors to fabrics, placing an elegant artwork on the nearby shelf, introducing a wooden cabinet for more storage, all these will instill novelty into your regular dining room. Before beginning to decorate your dining room, do study its size and shape. This will be a checklist for you to make adequate changes in it. Read through the following ideas to know more about dining room makeover.

Dining Room Makeover Ideas

Colors And Hues
The most facile way to give a happening look to your dining room is adding vibrant colors to it. Not only walls, but also to wallpapers, fabrics, furniture, windows, accents, etc. Walls in subdued colors such as white, pale yellow, pale green, light pink will balance out well with dark brown wooden furniture or bright fabrics draped on the furniture! Even artwork can be of dynamic colors such as purple, deep red, orange to give depth to your light painted walls. This is because neutral colors will make the room look larger and well-groomed. If going for wallpapers, you can choose from various styles such as retro, flock or vinyl.

The Dining Table
Implicitly dining table is the core of any dining room. But how big or how small will work? It depends upon the space available with you. Whether a set of four chairs or more, its size and shape should leave adequate traffic space. Arranging the furnishings closer to each other creates cozy and friendly atmosphere. Nothing works better than a solid wooden dining table with upholstered chairs and slipcovers! You can also pick up a dining table with glass top to give an elegant look. Adorn your dining table with beautiful candle stands or flower vase as a centerpiece.

Other Furnishings
Built-in cabinets placed at one corner can grant a lot of storage space for those extra cutleries, paper napkins, your expensive lemon sets or dinner sets! Surprisingly, even a built-in bookshelf can supplement as an impressive backdrop to your dining room. Don’t hesitate to go for a coffee table that can be fashioned by bringing together a classic sofa, club chair and slipper chair forming a sociable triangle. A wall mirror will give an illusion of an extensive dining space.

Fabrics In Dining Room
Fabrics for dining room include table runners, placemats, cloth napkins, draperies to embellish the cabinet, chairs, etc. You can use them in co-ordination with other dining table accessories. You can play with the colors, patterns and designs to offer a fabulous look to your dining table. The fabrics used for dining table runners may be of linen, cotton, or satin. One thumb rule: Go for bright fabrics over light ivory furniture and the opposite also holds equally true! For a natural appearance, hunt for bamboo table runners attached by polypropylene threads. And don’t leave the curtains unattended! Splash rich colors with beautiful patterns on them to spread radiance to your dining room.

Lighting in a dining place makes a whole lot of a difference. Suitable lighting will illuminate your dining space to the extent it is required. Its functionality is as important as its beauty! Some great lighting ideas for your dining space could be modern pendant lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, track and rail lights, buffet lamps, recessed lighting, and so on. Beautiful chrome chandelier in white shades gives a royal appeal. Even taupe shades that glow golden when lit looks flamboyant.

Laminate flooring is very resilient and simple to maintain as its surfaces are resistant to burns and scratches. It is a great choice for both dining room and kitchen as laminated flooring works very well in damp climate as well. On the other hand, vinyl flooring is also a no-nonsense choice for dining spaces. Vinyl is accessible in lavish tile squares suitable for any finest interiors. Even marble flooring in varied neutral colors provides a royal look to your dining space and keeps the floors cool even during hot season.

Accessories And Artwork
Don’t be reluctant to add brightly patterned and colored throw pillows to the existing furnishings. Place a small beautifully woven rug near the sofa. Get the sofa, acrylic nesting tables and the love seats closer to give warmness to your dining room. An attractive centerpiece such as a large crystal bowl filled with sand and pebbles will give an extra edge to your dining room. Add more greenery to your dining room by including tropical plants like orchids, birds-of-paradise and ginger flowers that also act as natural air fresheners!

You can try this on your own! A great dining room can augment your appetite manifolds! A stylish décor with a tint of accessories that represent you, your likes and dislikes, will create magic whenever you will have your meals with your loved ones. So, never ignore the importance of your dining space and trigger your creativity to grant it a lavish look!