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How you choose to light up your dining room is of great significance, as according to a study, what you eat and where you eat are of equal importance to your health. Therefore, your dining room has to be warm and welcoming for your family and guests, in which lighting plays a key role. However, addressing health and comfort issues without compromising on the flamboyance of the décor is a tough task. For that, you must seek to strike a fine balance between the furniture, the color palettes and the lightings. Dining room lighting has to be gentle and warm, making mealtime pleasant for family and guests. Harsh, bright lightings like those used in cafeterias are not meant for home dining space. Moreover, there are occasions when the ambience and mood that one requires in the dinette depends entirely on the importance of an event and the company one has. Therefore, it is important to have different types and sources of lightings in the dining room to suit these different occasions. Read the article below to come across some of the best dining room lighting ideas.

Lighting Ideas For Dining Room

Pendant Lights
Also known as a drop or a suspender, pendant lights come enclosed in shade or globe to avoid blinding glare. Made of chromatic or achromatic glass or even plastic, this light hangs from the ceiling over the dining table — just like a chandelier — suspended by a cord, chain, or metal rod. This light fixture imparts an aura of flamboyance and grandeur to your dining room. A swarm of pendant lights hung at varying heights magnifies the overall décor of the dining room. Pendant lights work best for corner dining area with limited space.

Recessed Down Lights
Down light or recessed light is a great way to light up your dining room. They aren’t just purely functional, but also aesthetic. Besides illuminating the room, recessed lights can be used to highlight an artwork or any other special feature of your dinette. Strategically installed in the ceiling, down lights help to accentuate the inconspicuous areas of your room and impart a clean, streamlined look to your home.

When looking to impart warm, diffused light to your dinette, chandeliers are your best bet. Chandeliers, which hang over the table, lend a sparkling charm to the decor as well as lit up the room like nothing else. For dining rooms with elegant classical designs, you may opt for an antique chandelier with crystal or glass droplets. The modern fashionable chandeliers are generally made of metal with various finishes, such as antique bronze, brushed nickel or black. An older brass chandelier can be given a fresh and trendy look by painting. There is a wide variety of metallic paints to choose from, which are available in spray cans to make the task easier for you. Go for a design that covers the light bulbs so that they don’t shine on the table. Those who possess a glass or crystal chandelier must ensure that the lights are pointed towards the ceiling or are dispersed to avoid glare.

Lamp Shades
You can also opt for lamps with shades, which can be placed at proper positions to render light on specific areas of the dining room. Table lamps with shades are best suited for lighting the corners, especially the side tables or the cutlery cabinet. Lamps that are too tall or too short are unfit for dinette. If the furniture is modestly sized or streamlined, an elaborate lamp is sure to appear out of place. Make a prudent choice. Place a lamp on each end of the serving piece to impart a classic, symmetrical look.

Wall Sconces And Candles
These are economical options, which help to accent the pendants and chandeliers. Though they can’t offer abundant light, when used on their own, sconces add a soft glow to your walls and help to bring ambient light into your dining room. Make sure not to choose scented candles while dining, if you don’t wish a competitor who can ruin the tempting aromas of your food.

Natural Lights
It is also highly important that a dining room be well lit with natural light. It allows you to feast without having to depend on artificial light during the day. You can’t overlook the benefits or the way in which natural light can lighten up your dining room. One or two windows and some properly placed ventilators can light up the entire room naturally.

A properly lit dining room can do wonders to the overall feel of the home. There are a plethora of lighting fixtures to choose from that can lend an elegant and classy appearance to your room. A dim lighted one is meant for a romantic dinner and bright lights are meant for a jovial family or friends get together. It’s what you pick and how you use that can make or mar the overall impact of your room.