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dining room colors

Most people tend to ignore the décor of their dining rooms, while some stop at just teak furniture and fine china. However, the real job lies in creating a unique atmosphere that is warm and hospitable for your guests as well as perfect for a cozy family dinner. Hence, the décor of your dining room should live up to the dual role of a formal dining room as well as a cozy corner for intimate dinner with family and loved ones. Colors play an important role in setting the mood of any room. In case of a dining room, the colors can be incorporated on the walls, furniture, fabrics, and accessories. It is important to create a unique identity for the décor, all the while remembering not to overdo the color scheme. Subtle hints of colors in crockery and cushion covers are enough to accentuate the dining room look. Red dining room is a thing of past. Here are some interesting new colors for dining room.

Colors For Dining Room

Creamy Coastal
Create a coastal inspired dining room by adding elegant ivory colored dining furniture sets. You can select a deep red or coral shade for furnishings to break away from the monotony of the cream. Paint your walls cream with an olive green trim. If you want, you can match the cushions and trims for a royal look. Add clear glass crockery with a flower vase in pastel shade. Let the table cloth and other fabrics be contrasting in a subtle way in mauve or pastel shades.

Bubbly Blue
This funky color scheme suits a retro or modern home décor. Paint your walls a shade of teal with one wall in brown. Use turquoise by way of accents like flower vase, trim and photo frames. Pick up a dining table in a dark brown shade. This will be a nice contrast to the walls. Hang a chandelier with candles that will provide a soft glow to the starkness of brown. Create a soft palette by laying down a pastel pink tablecloth and hang drapes with pink flowers.

Royal Rich
This dining color theme perfectly complements a traditional or a Victorian house décor and can be styled in a harmonious way. Paint your walls in dark gray with beige trims. Frame some of your family photographs in copper or golden frame. A wrought iron chandelier with yellow bulbs will tone down the darkness of the room. Place a white lacey tablecloth with beautiful china pattern crockery to add elegance. A potted plant or a flower vase with green foliage will add a splash of color.

Summer Surprise
To liven up the dining room mood, get bold and paint the walls sage green with off white trims. Copy the same color scheme to your dining table by plating up crockery in cream with green borders. For the pretty summery look, pick an old glass and fill it with purple flowers and place it on the table. Lay down a beige cotton tablecloth with a blue runner.

Colorful Creation
If you are in a mood to experiment, then this colorful décor is the right choice for you. Jazz up your dining room by hanging drapes in bold stripes pattern in a pretty shade of green. Paint your room stark white with pale yellow trims. Pick up a white dining set with sea green cushions. To add some more color, visit a flea market, pick up scarves in bright magenta, and tie them on to the chairs. Use a bedspread or a square piece of fabric in rainbow colors. Frame some oriental or Indian motif paintings in dark red colors and hand them on the white walls. And finally place a vase of fresh white lilies teamed up with white crockery.

Modern Merry
For your minimalistic design needs, take inspiration from a modern dining room décor. Paint the walls in the lightest shade of gray and trim with white. Now add steel and black dining furniture with clear glass crockery. Rather than accessorizing with flowers, buy trendy looking jugs, salt and pepper shakers, and fruit baskets in bright colors like red, blue, and purple. Adorn the walls with colorful modern paintings without a frame. Hang a pendant light with white bulbs to give a bleached out effect. You can hang white lacey drapes in sheer fabric.

Black And White
To create a dramatic statement with your dining room, paint the walls including the trims in white and replace your wooden panels with white boards. Place a black wood dining table in the center. Lay down a delicate white silk or satin tablecloth with inlay work. Use white crockery with black motifs and break the contrast with red wine glasses. Place white roses in red flower glass on the mantle or table. Instead of the chandelier, hang 3 or 5 lights. You can add grey colored cushions to soften the look.

The right color combination will eventually reflect your personal style and character. Avoid picking colors just because they are in trend, because once the trend is over, your dining room will look outdated. Incorporate the color scheme of the whole house to give a cohesive look to your décor. You can also try changing only one item at a time. For instance, if you like the color of your wall, then work with the furniture and if you are in love with your furniture, add colorful accessories to create the look you have in mind.