Decorating Home Gym

Being health conscious is the call of the day. Hectic life and stressful schedule demands that you stay as fit as a fiddle. In that case, it helps to have a home gym as it gives you the freedom and convenience to workout in your own private space and is relatively inexpensive too. A fantastic way to keep yourself motivated and enjoy your exercise routine is to create a comfortable and personalized workout space. And no, you don’t have to build a separate room for that. Just transform your spare room, basement, laundry room, garage or even your backyard into a home gym. Just make sure it is comfortable, organized and attractive. To help you create an abode of energy and inspiration, just take a quick look at these home gym decoration ideas that will help you give your gym space a touch of its own. Read on for more!

Home Gym Decorating Ideas

Basic Ideas And Tricks
Consider yourself lucky if you have free space in your home that you can use as a gym. A home gym is an investment in your well-being, but many don’t reap the benefits of that investment clearly because they fail to design it in an appealing way. Just don’t arrange workout equipment inside a room and call it a home gym. Instead, create a workout room you would like to use. However, the burning question is where to start from? So here you are — below mentioned are some home gym decorating ideas to help you once you have decided to have your personal workout space.

Get The Basics Right First
Remember that your gym is a place where you have to keep coming back. It should be bright, energizing and cheerful to inspire you in achieving your best. So, look around the space, see how large it is and how much of natural light it receives. Ideally, a home gym should be of at least 10 feet by 12 feet in area and should have ample lighting to keep it bright and exciting. Natural light is the best help, but you can also use full-spectrum daylight bulbs. They are a good idea, as they mimic the frequencies of natural light, which can have a more energizing effect than the general yellow light. You can also use the bright fluorescent lights, as it helps you keep alert. Finally, give a good look at the flooring, the gym floor should restrain you from slipping. Rubber flooring is usually the best option because it offers traction. Also, it is resistant to heavy exercise machine or the drop of a dumbbell, and it is soft enough to help you comfortably perform high-impact aerobics or floor exercises.

Color Your Gym Space
Different colors have different effects in the mind and the body. Bearing that in mind, you should select a color scheme. However, before decorating, you need to know what type of exercises you will be doing. If you are to practice yoga mainly, then you should create a calmer and soothing environment. So select the colors as per your need. For smaller or dark spaces, paint the walls in light hues. They give an open appearance to the room. Bright colors are usually motivating and energizing to most people. So opt for wall colors in orange, yellow and steel blue for your home. However, avoid using an extremely bright shade that can overstimulate your senses and bring fatigue.

The Wall Décor
You can use wall-size mirrors to deck up the walls. Having large mirrors won’t just allow you to check your forms during workout, but also make the room appear brighter and more spacious. What’s more, you may hang images of famous athletes for inspiration or add a more personal touch to it by hanging photos of your friends and family. Either way, frame the photos to hang rather than tape them. That will give a neater look to the place. Finally, you can add some wall hangings or wall decals with inspirational quotes or mantras, which can motivate you and remind you of why you are there.

Your Form Of Entertainment
Entertainment equipment can prevent boredom and help motivate and inspire you to power through a workout. Select a stereo system that combines a radio, CD player and iPod dock. Spend some extra bucks and buy a system that comes with a remote control. A TV is another essential piece of entertainment that you could add to your in-home gym. Make sure it includes a DVD player, as it will help you workout while watching home exercising videos. Choose a style that allows you to tilt the screen so that you can see the picture from anywhere in the room.

Select Right Spots For Every Equipment
Place your gymming equipment at the designated corners of the room. When arranging the equipment, make best use of the available space by ensuring that the tallest machines are placed against the wall and the smaller ones towards the center of the room. Place racks to keep the weights, and shelve the towels and other usable at proper place for a neat look. Ensure you have enough space to move around in the room so that you don’t have to trip over the barbell or move equipment out of the way in order to perform other exercises. Overall, the idea is to have things orderly placed.

Little Essentials To Remember
Little extras go a long way to create a more user-friendly and refreshing environment.
You can add this in to your home gym.

    • A small refrigerator comes handy to keep water and other health drinks.
    • Use small cabinets to keep medicines, towels and other usable properly.
    • Maintain hygiene at your gym. Keep it neat and clean.

A home gym is a place that can motivate you to sweat harder. Bob Keene, a personal trainer in Louisville, says, “Psychologically, if the aesthetics of the room are more pleasing, you are more likely to use it.” It is all about proper use of lights, sounds and surroundings. Visualize your needs and objectify your ideas with proper sense. Have a safe and energizing exercising.