Declutter Your House

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Declutter Your House

‘No, you can’t give it away; it’s the first bag I had in school!’ Are you someone who hates to get rid of old things and refuses to give them away even if they are of no use?  Then it’s no surprise that you have a mess on the shelf, drawer, countertop, closet, attic and everywhere else. Stashing away out-of-order, unused, worn-out things are one of the main reasons behind clutter build-up. Hold your belongings and answer with an open heart if you really need them badly enough to retain them. Be brave enough to make your decisions and organize your stuff in good order and donate the remaining for a good cause. Especially, in houses that have a dearth of a storage spaces, accumulating unwanted stuff like a broken stool, unused clothing, piles of old magazines  etc. would make it look all the more littered. Be practical when you plan to reorder your home or wardrobe. This will help you develop a clear layout for your home as well as double your space. You will have to consider small sections initially rather than trying to confront a huge mountain. Remember, hit one shelf at a time and toss away the clutter for good. Scroll further for more on this.

How To Declutter Home

Make Space For Paper
Do you always tend to lose your documents or forget where you stashed the bills the last time? Not having a proper filing space for your receipts and incoming bills can create a mess that may require a Herculean effort to tackle. The simplest solution to make room for your papers is to designate a tray, a box, a cabinet or a credenza at your home or your office to store the bills, mails, important documents, etc. Not only that, you can also pile the takeout menus, phone directories, cards and other papers in a separate binder and store them together. By placing your important documents safely, you won’t have to go all over the place next time, which will save you much time, effort and energy.

Clear Area Wise
Despite your best intentions, do you always find your desk or kitchen countertops buried under avalanche of papers or pots and lids? It often happens that as you declutter your workstation or kitchen table, you shift the clutter somewhere else.  Result, another mess. Keeping your area uncluttered for a long time is no big deal given you combat the clutter one at a time and take proper care to dump the unimportant stuff right away!

Categorize Your Counter
Dumping away unwanted books, files, clothes, furniture won’t just do if you wish to create extra storage space for your other important things. Despite of all the clearing, you will find certain unused materials that have been lying unused in your home for ages. Ditch them! You can take this as the next step involved in decluttering and categorizing things. If the grinder on your kitchen table has been lying idle for quite some time now, then stashing it away in a cupboard will leave you with some extra space. Decide what should stay in the area and what should go and sweep away the junk without much thought or ado.

Target Book Shelf
The entire thought of cutting away the clutter may be exciting, but physically exhausting. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to tidying up a place. Tackle one shelf at a time. In that way, the effort you put will seem to be comparatively less tiresome and make your deeds well panned. Make sure that you clear the non-essentials and organize everything carefully. That way, you will be left with a clutter-free shelf.

Get Everyone Involved
You can schedule a decluttering weekend or set days so that you employ your efforts effectively. Rather than doing everything yourself, you can employ your family or roommates to help you out. In that way, you can clear away the clutter easily without stressing yourself much. Once you are done with the entire house, sit back and celebrate the newfound freedom from clutter.

Update Medicine Spot
Ponder over the medicine section of your house. Look through them and sort out the ones that are expired, the ones you are allergic to and also the ones that are ineffective. Just retain the medicines that are essential stuff and toss away the rest. If you don’t have a separate corner for storing medicines, then it’s time you get one. That way, it will be very convenient for you to easily find the required tablets or ointments when necessary without going all over the place in times of need.

Clean Drawers
Dumping everything — whether it is paper or tools or toiletries — in one single drawer is a bad way to clutter your space. Prioritize your drawer and make sure only the essential stuff find place inside them. For this, initially empty the entire drawer and sort out things, which really belongs there, and keep away those that need to be tossed away. Also, at the same time when you keep the things in the drawer, pile them up neatly so that you don’t have to ransack them every time you need to find a pen or a hair band.

Some Tips To Unclutter House

    • Organize things in a way that each of the things are used and not just collected at a corner to be tossed away later.
    • If you have unused clothes or books that you have read n number of times, donate them to a charity or a library.
    • Keep the rarely used items, which are not in much use, in the cupboard or in shelves.

It is when you unclutter, you make the best of the homes that you live in. This is when you begin to enjoy the empty space and fall in love with the world you deal with every day. Have a deal with the people you live with to help you in your effort to de-clutter your space and live a highly organized, clutter-free life.