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country style home decor

The country style home décor is very casual and comforting and exudes a lot of warmth and rustic charm. At the same time, it is very sophisticated and fashionable too. The raw wooden textures and bright sunny colors not only help to create an au natural ambiance within your homes, but also make a fresh departure from the kitschy décor. The country style of décor has been around for ages now and the kind of charm and appeal it adds to any home is matchless. You don’t have to live amongst the fields and meadows to have such a home for yourself. With the country style décor, you can recreate the peaceful, relaxed ambiance of a country home right within your plush suburb den. With a lot of earthy tones, great woodwork, raw fabrics and handpicked antiques, you can get the countryside look in your own home. Go through some of the expert décor ideas that will help you deck up your home in the country style way.

Decorating The Home In Country Style
Decorations can be very simple in a country style room. You don’t have to invest too much cash to get the look. Just a few simple additions, and you will have a rustic haven right within the suburbs.

Barn Stars
The barn star is amongst the most popular pieces of decoration used in a country style home. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be hung in any room on the walls. Even a large sized barn star can be used in a small room without looking too odd. The barn stars blend in well with any kind of country décor — be it very primitive or slightly modern. If you have space on your walls which you want to fill but don’t know how, then a barn star can be the perfect answer.

Baskets are a very popular piece of decoration in the country homes. Baskets in a number of sizes and colors add the perfect country accent. The baskets can be used for flower arrangements or to hold fresh, colorful fruits. They can even be used for keeping quilts, linen and teddy bears. Almost anything stored in these pretty cane or wicker baskets will comply with the country style of décor.

Folk Art Clocks
The old grandfather’s clock adds something extra to the décor. These wooden framed handcrafted clocks are easily available at the antique stores. You can go for the ones that can be kept on the tables. Plus, they can be craftily hanged to deck up your bare home walls as well.

Country Candles
The warmth and elegance that candles add to any place is splendid and they especially work well with the country style of décor. Candles in different colors and sizes scattered around the entire home looks beautiful. And when lit, they look even better. Candles of different fragrances create an even better ambience. The candles can be placed on the shelves, desks, in antique candles stands on the dining table and they can even be placed on the centre table within potpourri. A candle decoration never fails to impress.

Country Style Woven And Braided Rugs
The warm colored floors in the country home can be decorated with woven or braided rugs. Rugs introduce an interesting element of style and create a warm, cozy and inviting feel. The rugs can just be simply woven or braided in dark and warm colors or more interesting floor pieces with flowery patterns and borders can be used to embellish the floors of your country style home.

The Pip Berry
The pip berry is a perfect primitive style of country decoration. There are a number of pip berry designs that can add true country accent to your rooms. The weeping willow trees with a wood base and a wrapped trunk if adorned in the corner of the home looks great. Pip berry wreaths or garlands at the entrance of the home are very inviting too.

Dish Towels
Dishtowels with small floral prints and borders make for an integral part of a country style kitchen. They can even be used as dollies on the kitchen counters or on the kitchen dining table. Dish towels are not only used in the kitchens but they can be used as wrap on for teddies, as base liners for various fruit baskets or wine baskets, and they can also be used as bows for candles. The raw feel of fabric these dishtowels bring really complements the country décor.

Country style décor is a form of interior that never goes out of fashion. Everyone might indulge in decorating their home the country style, but these few artifacts if used really well can set the décor stand out. So go ahead and give your country style the edge it deserves.