Country Kitchen Décor


country kitchen decor

Every homemaker wants to render her kitchen with that picture perfect look. No doubt, there are plenty of décor themes to choose from, but what do you do when you want your kitchen décor to stand unique from the rest. If you have penchant for everything simple and especially adore the beauty of nature, then country style décor is the one that will perfectly suit your taste. Country kitchen décor highlights the simplicity of village life and enables you to forget the artificial and plasticity of modern life. The rustic charm of your kitchen will keep you grounded and close to nature. Wood plank flooring, knick-knack, brass vessels, stoneware pots, plain glazed earthenware, glass jars, and knotty pine furniture are some of the elements you can use while decorating a country style kitchen. The most interesting part of country kitchen décor is that it is very eco-friendly and promotes sustainability. By amping up your kitchen with country style décor, you are in fact inviting Mother Nature to your home.

Country Kitchen Décor & Design Ideas


English, French, and American country themes are some of the themes you can choose for your country kitchen décor. English country theme uses strong colors such as purple, red, and green. French country theme uses bright colors such as yellow and red rather than mustard yellow and burgundy. Ceramic tiles, farmhouse style table, and pans and pots made of wrought iron are some of the characteristic features of French country theme. Lantern on kitchen shelf and pictures of roosters on mugs and platters are typical characteristics of American country theme. In general, open shelves, bead board panels, farmhouse sinks, painted and glazed cabinets are typical of country kitchen décor.

Colors play a vital role in country kitchen décor. Neutral colors such as white, red barn, navy blue, rust red, and green are suitable for your country kitchen décor. The colors used in country kitchen décor are mostly loud. So, you need to pay extra attention if your kitchen space is small as using loud colors is likely to blow things out of proportion.

All the furniture in country kitchen must have country flavor to it. The table must be in solid wood with heavy and hewed chairs to match. Use of gingham and floral pattern make great combination for its upholstery. Place a jug filled with freshly picked meadow flowers on the table. Stained glass, pine, oak and paint bead board go well for country kitchen cabinets. It is good idea to use cupboards, plate racks, buffets, and open shelves for storing kitchen items.

You can add ceramic pieces, appliqué, throw rugs, and towels as part of your country kitchen accessories. In addition to that, you can also put up pictures of your family in wooden frame. Picture of wildlife jungle scene, plants, vegetables, and paintings of rustic scenery also make great visuals for your country kitchen décor. Placing a bunch of fresh seasonal flowers at the dining table would also enhance its appeal. Don’t forget to match your kitchen curtain’s color and fabric to complement your country décor. Country cookware items are generally plain and large, and vessels are generally made of cast iron, copper, silver, brass, and steel. Display your cookeries in open case.

Flooring is another important element in your country kitchen décor. Use tile or flagstone flooring, hooked or braided rugs and natural wood flooring to give authentic country look to your kitchen. You may even try wall-to-wall carpeting or light shade laminate as part of your country kitchen décor.

If you want to attract your visitors, then pay utmost attention to the kitchen wall. Your country kitchen décor must all begin with the wall, as this is something that will strike your visitors’ eye first. Use natural materials such as wood and rough bricks for your kitchen wall to match your country kitchen décor. If your kitchen wall is already built, then you may paint it with earthy colors.

No country kitchen décor is complete without a hearth. So, make sure you construct an earthen hearth to give authentic look to your country kitchen décor.

Your love for nature and simplicity should extend to your kitchen décor. Above-mentioned country kitchen decor ideas are enough to set you on finishing your dream project. After all, giving your kitchen a countryside charm is what you have always dreamt of, isn’t it? Ultimately, your country kitchen décor should look completely unpretentious just as you are.