Cottage Style Decorating

Cottage Style Decorating

A wonderful vacation, a peaceful life, simple yet elegant interiors, and idyllic ambiance — are you looking for a humble and modest domicile catering to all these requisites? If yes, then all you need is a cottage style home or a home prinked with cottage style decorations. Clean, simple and light, cottage style interiors are primarily favored for their charm, purity, simplicity and natural comfort. Ideal for those who believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, cottage style homes are the best way to experience the countryside right within the four walls of your home. Not only is it cheaper than other décor alternatives, but also easy to put together too which makes it a hot choice among other interior designs. Known for its simplicity and lightness, this decor is not for someone who is looking for a heavily decorated interior with hefty furnishing. Though simple, cottage style interiors are flexible enough to provide space for your preferences and considerations. Quintessentially characterized by earthy and light palette and pared-down furnishing; it is not only pleasing to the eyes, but also delighting to the heart. Browse down to gather more information about cottage style decorating ideas.

Cottage Style Decorating Ideas

    • Wood is often the main theme of cottages. Add wooden furniture, paintings, antique pieces, etc. to create a visual texture typical of cottages.
    • Opt for bold floral pattern for the fabrics, walls, and window treatments to achieve a rustic cottage style.
    • Interior shutters can be installed to create unique window treatment. They are great choice to dress up bare interior walls as well.
    • Take cues from surrounding nature to determine the color scheme. For instance, if your cottage is waterfront, then color it blue. Earthen colors and forest-inspired hues suit cottage style houses. Neutrals and pastels also fit the pattern.
    • Open shelves and cabinets that combine storage and display would be a good add-on to cottage style interiors.
    • Opt for vintage-look fixtures like farmhouse sinks, claw-foot tubs, and faucets with traditional lines to give a cottage like finish to your interiors.
    • Cottages stand very close to nature and hence, it would be wise to add floral print wallpaper, potted plants, floral arrangements, etc. to enhance the rustic look.

Accessories For Cottage Style Decor
Interior decoration accessories are not just embellishments that you can pick up vaguely to create some marvel inside your home. A wrong selection of accessory, a minute misfit may spoil your entire effort to deck up your home, especially when you want something rustic like a cottage decor. Here are some accessories that could help you give a cottage style to your interiors.

    • Flowers: Flowers are essence of nature and are often used as a pleasing décor piece in cottages. No need to put an extra effort to create an elegant floral sheaf, just pick up a handful of fresh flowers from your garden and keep them loosely in a white ceramic pitcher.
    • Baskets: Baskets remind olden days and for this reason, it is an important piece in cottage-inspired interior. No need to get perplexed with its usage, it is the best thing to keep magazines.
    • Furniture: Always select small-scale furniture if you want to create a cottage ambience. Heavy furnishing takes off the element of simplicity, which is the soul of cottages. So, be careful about the pieces you pick up. For the safest option, stick to cane furnishing.
    • Paintings: Paintings fit all themes; the only thing to consider is the subject of painting. Vintage oil paintings fit well into a cottage-inspired interior.
    • Crystals: If you want to add a tint of extravaganza without compromising on the cottage theme, crystals are the safest option that help in creating a vintage glamour.
    • Wallpaper: Add wallpaper as a final finish — floral patterns, ticking stripes, and tiny geometrics are some themes that could match your dream concept.

Different Cottage Themes
To determine what exactly fits into your interiors, you should be clear about what type of cottage style you want to achieve. Have a look at the following categories to select your favorite cottage style and move accordingly.

Beach Cottage
Beach cottages, as the name suggest are located near beaches and hence, characterized by features complementing the sea. Paint your home with sea-inspired hues like shades of blue, green, shell pink, sand color, coral colors, etc. Spa blue is a wonderful refreshing option. Pick up some corals and shell based furnishing pieces and deck up your wall with sea-inspired paintings.

Shabby Chic Cottage
Blending elegance and romance to your theme based cottage, shabby chick cottage would be a perfect home for a loving couple. White color scheme infused with pastel colors would be ideal for this theme.

French Country Style
Marked with sparkling elegance, French cottage style is getting popular day by day. Filled with rich provincial hues and admired for its bursting cottage charm, this would be an ideal choice for a sparkling interior. Casual yet sophisticated, this pattern is sure to transport you into a world of fun and farm-folk. Speaking of the furnishing, nothing other than French country furniture would work for this theme. Walls can be embellished with hand painting. Decorative flowers, French roosters, and flowing vines are other options of ornamenting French cottage interiors.

English Cottage Decoration
Characterized by coziness and elegance, English cottage would be a wonderful choice for a striking interior. English vintage furnishing and oil paintings would help you add more rustic ambiance. Shades of brown, yellow, rust, orange and green would complement your English-cottage interior styling. Deck up the home with pink and red English roses. If your budget allows luxury, then think about adding rustic fireplace and ceiling beams for a more country-like appeal.

Mentioned above was some important information, which may help you get more focused and clear about your home-interior aspirations. Once you have a clear idea about the furnishing and other decors, then you can easily attain your dream interiors.