Contemporary Bathroom Design


Contemporary Bathroom Design

Just like your kitchen and bedroom, your washroom too speaks volumes about your taste and style, which is why you need to be extra meticulous when doing it up. Believe it or not, your bathroom is, hands down, the easiest room to revamp, given you know where to foot the bill. A contemporary bathroom is not just about jet showers or plush curtains. Rather, it’s about functionality, beauty and style with regards to colors, fixtures, faucets, furniture, flooring, accessories, lights and everything else that makes up your bathroom such a privy space. However, before you make a plunge, ask yourself how far are you willing to go to transform your modest bathroom into a modernistic washroom. There are certain things that you need to bear in mind before renovating your room like canvassing the materials that you are going to use as a substitute to the previous ones, the accessories that you will need and the space available. Everything matters a lot while designing a bathroom, right from fixtures to flooring to lighting and more. This article will help you gain a deep insight on contemporary bathroom design ideas that you can implement right away to transform your bathroom into a soothing retreat.

Modernistic Bathroom Designs
A contemporary bathroom comprises of all the basic needs like shower, bathtub, sink and toilet. However, that isn’t enough. You also need to mix and match the decor to transmute your washroom into a peaceful private spa. A fresh coat of paint, a few extra pieces of furniture and storage cabinets and an arsenal of grooming products and accessories is what you need to transform your boring bathroom into an impressive bath space. However, before selecting the fixtures and faucets, question yourself if your sink, bathtub, shower, toilet or vanity has served their time of service? Is this is the time for you to change your fixtures and faucets and if yes, what kind would serve your need the best? Pay heed to the list below to clearly understand what are the things that a modernistic bathroom needs.

Bathroom Vanity
Start by choosing a contemporary, sleek-looking bathroom vanity if you want to make your bathroom look as good as new and also lend it some extra space. There is an extensive range of bathroom vanities of different sizes, styles, forms and functionalities to choose from, depending on the decor and space of your room as well as your budget. You can choose from freestanding units with built-in storage, floating wall-mounted designs, pedestal varieties, sleek floor-mounted dressers and corner vanities in materials like steel, chrome, porcelain, wicker, wood or glass. You can also opt for single vanities that are just perfect for guest baths or go double vanities that are ideal for master bath or children’s bathroom so that there is no battling for counter space or sink access in the morning. Contemporary vanities offer a lot of storage space for toiletries and towels, reducing mess and allowing you to stay better organized.

A bathroom is your one-stop destination to relax and unwind after a long day, and lave. Hence, a bathtub is an absolute must-have. When going for tub shopping, don’t forget to consider the limits of your bath space, the size of the tub, the type and material of it as well as the maintenance that it would require. You can choose from a variety of styles like the recessed tubs, corner tubs, freestanding tubs, walk-in or drop-in tubs. Recessed tubs hold more water than the conventional ones, have taller sides and come in different styles and shape. Walk-in bathtub makes for a more convenient choice for the elderly or for people who have mobility problems. Again, there are whirlpool and air tubs that are excellent for therapeutic bath. This type of bathtub shoots water from a specified location giving a sensation of massage. What you choose clearly depends on your need and decor. So be prudent!

Gone are the days of the traditional showerheads that not only look out of place in your contemporary bathroom, but also restrict water flow to a great extent. Today, you have showerheads like modern showers, shower enclosures, sensational showers and shower panels to boost your shower experience. Choose the one that suits your need and budget. Glass shower enclosure and frameless shower enclosures are expensive than other shower enclosures, but are a worthy investment indeed. These enclosures give a neat and contemporary look and are easy to maintain. Semi frameless shower enclosure comes with an affordable price tag and is eye-catching too.

A sleek, stylish toilet can lend a high-end feel to any bathroom. Be it the wall-hung varieties, back to wall WC’s or the cistern, there are no dearth of style or shape when it comes to choosing toilets for your bathroom. Also, there is quite a range of material to choose from when picking your toilet.

When modernizing your bath space, you need to pay extra attention to your choice of sink. You can choose from vanity sinks, pedestal sinks, console sinks, wall mount sinks and vessel sinks. However, before you make a pick, consider factors like the size of your bathroom, your decor and need.

Bathroom Tile
Bathroom tile is one of the most important, yet frequently overlooked parts of a bathroom decor. Choose tiles of a smaller size and light color as it makes the bathroom look spacious and tidy. The bathroom wall tiles should match with the floor tiles, to make it look even more spacious and attractive. The grout line should also match the tile colouring.

There is a wide variety lighting options available for bathrooms. The foremost question is what style do you prefer? Some people choose cadaverous lighting, while others prefer extravagant embellished fixtures or lightings. Make your pick according to your need and budget.

To revamp or build a new bathroom is always enjoyable and interesting. However, it requires a great deal of attention and some substantial investment. The important things to consider are the available space for bathroom and the budget. Understand the areas where you need to invest and work towards it. Rest assured, your bathroom will become the cynosure of your pad.