Closet Design Ideas

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Closet Design Ideas

Turn your home into an uncluttered haven with a savvy closet that holds all your clothes, provisions, cutlery and other myriad items sans spilling. Closets are an indispensable part of any home and it definitely pays to invest some thought before buying or designing one. Besides, a well-designed closet helps you to expand its storage capacity and store your things in order. Before designing your closet, you need to consider a few things like the kind of hanging space, number of drawers, and quantity of space you want to allocate for items. If you are working on your wall closet, it is always a good idea to sort out your old wardrobes, which you are not going to use to make space for new ones. You can also add spunk to the interiors of your closet by adding colors and drawings. Your closet must reflect your taste and personality. So make sure it is in sync with your needs and taste.

Ideas For Closet Designs
To begin with, a closet can be of different types namely pantry closet, kids closet, wall closet, walk in closet and reach in closet. Each type of closet serves a different function. A wall closet, for example, is usually found in hallway or in a bedroom. A walk-in-closet is an expanded version of wall closet generally found in bedroom and is used to store clothes and accessories. Reach-in-closet is embedded on the wall. Pantry closet is the one found in the kitchen to store food and provisions. So, you can design your closet depending on its functionality. Below are ideas or tips on designing a closet.

Optimum Use Of Space
It is very important to make optimum use of space available in the closet. Always examine vertical dimension of space in the closet. Keep items that you do not use frequently on top or the inner ring of your closet. Allocate space for off-season item, shoes and balls can be stored in the basement of the closet.

Right Lighting
Make sure you install your closet at the right place to draw natural light. However, take care not to expose your closet to direct sunlight for long hours as it can result in fading of your closet skin. The artificial light must be placed in such a way that it doesn’t cast a shadow on the closet.

Wardrobe Alignment
Classify your wardrobe in the closet. Tops, shirts, formal and informal wear, pants, skirts, jeans, innerwear, socks and tie should each be classified and kept in alignment according to your requirements.

Accessibility is another factor you need to take into account while designing a closet. Most frequently used clothes or items should be placed in a strategic location. You can also make use of see-through wire bins, acrylic or glass-fronted drawers to make items visible.

Floor Of The Closet Matters
Usually the floor is the most ignored part of the closet. You need to take care by covering it with a carpet made of vinyl for a perfect look.

Cedar Closet
Although cedar closet drives moth away, it is pungent and can filter through adjoining shelves and spaces. So, it is best to keep cedar closet in an attic or basement to avoid odor in your living room.

Steer Clear Of Mold And Mildews
Mold and mildews can cause havoc for your closet. Your closet must have enough airflow and needs to be pumped with air flow/fan at regular intervals.

A well-designed closet calls for experimentation and modification at regular intervals to cater to your mood and aspirations. You need to have well laid out design for your closet before actually getting one from the market or having a closet tailor-made for you. Getting ideas for your closet designs will help you greatly in understanding your needs and specifications so that you do not falter in getting the kind of closet you want for yourself. Your closet should speak for you. To sum it up, your closet should be your ultimate style statement.