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buffet table decorations

Your long cherished dream of hosting a sumptuous buffet dinner for your close friends has finally come true. In a week’s time, you are all set to host a buffet for your loved ones but you don’t quite know how to present a buffet in a style that will make an impression so astounding that it remains etched in your friends’ memory for years. If you relate to this feeling then you’ve come to the right space. For starter tips, buffet means the overall presentation of food, including great visual, ambience and an eclectic mix of dishes to serve your guests. Paying extra attention on buffet table decoration helps in topping up your buffet hosting techniques to an all time high. Your buffet hosting cannot go wrong if you jazz up your table with the appropriate and colourful tiered stands, silverware, garnishes, serving bowls, cake stand, centerpiece, candles and napkins. Be creative and there is ample choice to play with colour and texture of fabrics and shapes of décor items.

Buffet Table Setting
A buffet table must be perfectly placed so that it doesn’t hinder guests’ movements while they go about serving themselves. It is always a good idea to place the table at the centre of the dining hall or against the wall. You can also experiment with varying table heights for that visual treat.

Buffet Table Arrangement
Try decorating the buffet table with large centerpieces and then place a bowl filled with fresh water with flower petals floating on it. Add a fruit basket and some candles for an alluring look and choose a suitable colour palate for your buffet table such as gold yellow, deep blue, pink and purple. Don’t forget to arrange plates at the front of the table and place napkins underneath each plate. Arrange food items in order on the buffet table so that guests begin the meal with appetizers and then move on to salads, main course, side dishes and desserts in the right order. Use cake stands, tall platters and large bowls to present the food on the buffet table.

Buffet Theme
Themed buffet is a must if you are looking for creating an impression. You can go for ‘n’ number of themes such as tropical, French, country garden, Western, romance, elegance and many others and then stick to the décor that comes with the theme. For example, a tropical theme includes tropical flower plants, palm trees, palm leaves, fishing nets, sea shells, grass skirting, waterfalls, cheese balls, tropical blue water etc. However, if you are using live plants and flowers, make sure they are not toxic or even remotely foul smelling.

Colours And Textures
The colours and textures used for your buffet table convey a lot. Make sure you use a neutral colour for table linen such as silver, gold, white and even black or you may even use patterned fabrics which have all the major colours on them. Textured fabric with wicker, shiny, green leafy and bright floral designs can also be used.

Layering Buffet Items
Layering buffet items is another thing that you should not overlook. Place serving items (or utensils) according to their size; larger ones followed by the smaller ones or vice versa. Layer the base of given items with leafy greens. Layering buffet items adds depth and gamut to your buffet hosting and pushes people to look for more.

Grouping Buffet Items
Group all the buffet items and compartmentalize them. Grouping buffet items would make the buffet all the more visually appealing to your guests. Section-wise buffet items would be sure to titillate the taste glands of your guests.

Buffet Accessories
Don’t shy away from displaying your buffet accessories. Your buffet accessories must consist of stacks of multi-coloured plates, silverwares, bright coloured folded napkins and bowls of condiments.

Buffet Themed Trays
Theme trays are a sure way of decorating your buffet table. Design theme trays where you allow your guests to make their own salads with sliced tomatoes and many bowls of different dressings. Use horizontal trays rather than plain looking usual bowls.

Out Of The Box Serving Dishes
Everyone expects something new. So, do away with those ordinary plain old looking white trays and bowls and bring on some unconventional serving dishes such as Chinese spoons, braided leaves, muffin pans, vases, shot glasses and martini glasses. You may even try creating your own serving dishes made of fruits and vegetables. In addition, you can always match your serving dishes with your buffet theme.

There is nothing more gratifying than good food at the buffet dinner but a pleasant buffet table décor lets people to enjoy the food even more. So, just a little extra attention on your buffet table decorations and your already delectable food can become all the more irresistible to your guests. With above tips on decorating a buffet table, you are on your way to host a buffet that is not just scrumptious but also visually gratifying and leaves indelible imprints on your guests’ minds. Happy buffet hosting!