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Bohemianism is all about freedom, uniqueness and change borrowed from the combination of new and vintage. This unorganized, cluttered yet glamorous style stimulates creativity and individuality to create a no-rule kind of style. This style is in vogue on account of the opportunity that it gives you to be yourself and carve out your home in a highly personalized and comfortable manner. Bohemian style is all about creating warmth and interest by adding lots of color and character to the interiors. Decorating your home with bohemian style décor gives it an originality with a personal touch that turns your mundane interiors into chic decor with vintage items and lots of colour. This style is a no-rules décor style which lets you experiment and style your home in your own unique style, taste and preference. It is an easy to accomplish way that involves steering clear away from conformed rules of home decorating. Bohemian home decor oozes with eclectic oomph and confident patterns to give your house a more alive and zealous look. Read on for some ideas if Bohemian home décor piques your curiosity.

Bohemian Home Design Ideas

Even though there are no traditional colours or styles to follow in Bohemianism, such environments are generally defined by bold colours and freedom of expression. So when it comes to colouring the walls in Bohemian style, you can use a palette of rich colours that go with your mood and tone. From burgundy, inky black, purple and hunter green for dark colour tones to rosebud pink, hunter green and powder blue for a summery look, the options are numerous. In this décor, colours are chosen so as to represent a dominant hue and other shades just follow to complement that hue. The walls are done with dry brush technique to create textures. You can also try wallpapers in vibrant shades of blue and gray.

The best floor type for Bohemian décor is hardwood floor. Add small rugs to the décor, exposing enough hardwood in a way that adds warmth to the solid wood floor or else the floor can, at times, seem cold and even echo when walked upon. Multi coloured rugs create diversity and liven up the room and hence would be the best choice. For an authentic Bohemian feel, you can even opt for a wool braided rug, a Naga rug or a rag rug.

The rule is that anything goes as long it is done up with the right accessories. Bohemian furniture is unique in its boldness and individuality. A modern-style sofa set in solid colours or a basic set covered in heavy brocade and then accessorized accordingly could seal the deal for you. Another rather easy way to Bohemian home décor is to buy flea market furniture and hand-paint the items in various colours. Think about your childhood and go wild with bright colours. Pile up palettes beside your furniture and go berserk with all the colours that you have ever cared for. Remember, at least one butterfly chair is a must for a great Bohemian décor. You can also make your old furniture go Bohemian with just painting the top of your dresser red, the drawers black, and the sides green. Yes, the idea is still the same — colours, asymmetry and originality!

The most fun part about Bohemian home décor is accessorizing. Pick up some stuff from your antique and thrift stores; random items like ornate boxes, aged photographs, vintage perfume bottles and mirrors etc. are perfect for the look. You must also have or procure accessories that sparkle. Try basic things such as shiny light fixtures, glass beads and colourful crystals hanging from lampshades. You can also place metallic pieces like lanterns and bowls in the house or, even use bronze and gold paints to make your headboards and/or side tables metallic. The rule here is that bare spots are not allowed, anywhere. The home must look busy so fill up your empty walls and shelves. You can mix and match furniture and accessories to your heart’s content, however, it should look tasteful and not reckless while, at the same time, looking unconventional.

Mostly, curtains and other house linen is made of fabrics like Burmese silk, hemp fabrics, Thai silk and silk taffeta. To add a splash of colour to your walls, hang or drape layers of fabrics on them to form garlands of plush fabrics on the bright walls. The only way to add some bohemian style to your décor inexpensively is by accessorizing your furniture with lots of cushions and pillows in bright silk to give it a Moroccan flair. Loose or draped white coloured slipcovers on a dark, wooden dining table will set the mood for a Bohemian dinner. If your sofas and chairs are lacking the Bohemian style, just throw some bold coloured blankets and scarves on them. For the bedroom, pick out block printed bedding and match it with bedspreads, duvet covers, unique fabric shower curtains, table top curtain, decorative pillows and table linens.

A Moroccan-style lantern, with coloured glass, creates an amber glow at night which is entirely bohemian. However, if that is too dull for you then go chic and hang a disco ball in your hallway. There are many varieties of lighting items that exude the warmth needed to complete your bohemian décor. You can choose from a crystal chandelier or a vintage seltzer bottle table lamp, depending upon the look that you have in mind. For an inexpensive idea, replace your light bulbs with frosted or yellow bulbs and add layers of lighting just as you add layers of fabric. To create colourful hues of lights, drape scarves over your lights and enjoy the resultant, ambient lighting.

You will find that the Bohemian culture had a lot of influences from the Middle East, India and Asia. You can mix up all these global influences to create a modern chic Bohemian décor. Bohemian decor emphasises originality, showcasing the designer’s passion and ingenuity while, at the same time, reflecting the intricacies of a culture that dared to change the world.