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beach theme decor

Beach! Whenever, you hear the word, don’t you feel like being drifted away to a land of murmuring sea waves, gentle breeze and bright sunshine? A place of absolute bliss, isn’t it? However, have you ever thought of bringing the beach right within your room? Whatever be it — your bedroom, living room or kitchen, a touch of beige here and a splash of blue there does enough to comfort and invigorate any soul. A beach theme will certainly turn your home into a stunning retreat. So, if you yearn to ramble along the vast stretches of sand with turtles and seagulls around, then here is your deal. All you need to do is to incorporate the beach theme design to your room and experience the ecstasy. After all, what can match the delight of returning back to a stunning coastal retreat after a long day out, Read the article to learn how to achieve a beach theme decoration and get experimenting.

Beach Theme Decoration Ideas

The Colors
The first and the foremost thing that you must consider when opting for beach theme decor is the color. Whenever you think of a beach, what is that one color that comes to your mind? Of course blue, isn’t it? Besides blue, you can also add a tinge of yellow for sunshine, beige for beach sand and plenty of whites and greens.

Accessories play a key role in recreating the fantastical beach theme in your home. Items like sea shells, ocean prints, and other seaside accents can create a complete beach feeling in your room.You must also think about placing a nice beach theme frame on the corner stand hemmed in by sea shells. All of these little things are significant to create a perfect look.

Prints And Pictures
For further embellishments, you can place prints based on beach themes on your wall, along with some theme-based photos. To add to the elegance, you can also place a picture of your favorite beach in a seashell adorned frame. Wherever you put a picture, ensure that the middle of the picture lies at your eye level. For a distinctive look, you can also hang pictures in circular, triangular or rectangular grouping.

One more important ingredient in decorating your room in beach theme is lighting.You have to be prudent in your choice of the lighting as well as light fixtures. You have to pick lamps that conform to the beach theme. You can also try keeping clear glass lamps adorned with shells. Light house shaped lamp is also a fabulous choice.

Rugs And Pillows
The right kind of rugs and pillows are crucial to create a more realistic beach feel. It is extremely important to use rugs that perfectly go along with your beach accessories. Else, all your effort will be flushed in vain. For example, you can use beige colored rug to complement light blue walls, creating a real sense of water and sand. To accentuate the beach theme further, place fluffy pillows which are in harmony with the beach theme.

Window Curtains
Last, but not the least, are the window curtains that play a vital role in creating the beach theme. Look for sheer curtains in either one or two of the main colors that you have picked for your room. If in case, you opt for two colors, place them alternately. Now you are ready to flaunt your beach theme decor.

Some More Tips On Beach Theme Decoration

    • If you do not wish to fritter away too much cash on decking up your home, then you may go for another way to create a beach theme using some shabby chic frames to decorate your homes. Shabby or old frames will look amazing if you decorate them with pretty seashells or starfish.
    • By using seashells, you can also make a nice piece of wall art. For this purpose, you will need some corrugated cardboard, a glue gun and seashells. Cut the cardboard so that it fits a frame of your choice (8X10 or 11X14 size). Now show some creativity, play with the shells, and try to form a pretty shape on the cardboard. If you wish, you can also create your last initial, a heart or anything that you fancy. Once the shape is laid out, all you need to do is use your glue gun, pick up each seashell, and glue it down. Frame your piece of artwork and flaunt.

All you need to know in order to get a beach theme décor has been described in the lines above. A beach theme décor is neither expensive nor difficult to achieve. Read the article carefully in order to give your home a “beachy” face-lift.