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Beach Theme Decor

If you love the beaches and have a fetish for decorating your home, opt for the beach theme decor. This timeless home décor is all about replicating the perfect seaside feel within your four walls. And you can never go wrong with a décor that converts your humdrum home into a cozy relaxation spot, can you? You don’t have to live near a beach or reside by the coast to enjoy the seaside. In fact, with a few coastal twists to your home architecture, a sunny palette and loads of white, easy-care fabrics, wooden floor and ample wicker and Adirondack furniture, you can recreate a laid-back beach like atmosphere right within your home. Whether you are designing a large space or a small part of your home, beach themed home ideas are befitting for that relaxing beach effect that you always wanted in your home. Home beach décor creates an oasis of relaxing and soothing colors and the where you can kick off your shoes and rest. No matter where your personal seaside escape lies, with some simple ideas and imagination, you can recreate your choice and live it.

Beach Theme Home Décor
There is no dearth of options when it comes to recreating the magic of beach within your home. However, before taking up the project, just sit and think what mental images conjure up on your mind when you think of a beach. What exactly comes to your mind? What textures and colors do you see? Picture the water, the sand and the sky, the colors of pale golden or white sand, different shades of blue (from sea green to the aquamarine blue) and also stark white in the clouds, or in the foam of the waves. You can use all of it in your own way and recreate the choicest home beach decor. Here are a few ideas to help create your own beach style decor.

Different Styles Of Beach Décor
While doing a beach décor, you should know that there are various styles that you can venture into, as there are different kinds of beaches out in the open. Alternatively, you can just focus your décor on some certain icons that represent “the beach” and play around with them. Here is a list of a variety of beach theme decoration styles, which can give you some ideas on what you can do.

Plain Beach Décor
Here “plain” doesn’t mean “dull” or “boring”, rather this is one of the most popular styles. This style is about bringing in the fresh, relaxing, breezy warm (or sometimes cooler) and uncluttered beach into your home. With this style, you will have to work with the colors and the artifacts to complement the overall ‘beach’ effect. You can uses dune grasses or grass décor to recreate the lush magnificence of the palm trees. You can use some crabs, seashells and various shell arts to accessorize your room. Talking of furniture, opt for the typical beach furniture, preferably in white or use natural wicker to get the effect. The windows and the doors of your home should be wide enough to allow enough sunlight and natural breeze into it.

Tropical Beach Décor
If you love lush green and balmy days of summer beach holidays, this is where you can convert your thoughts into. You can use green plants with big broad leaves and palm trees but again, don’t fall in trap of clustering your plants at predetermined places. With this, you have more color options, like splashes of bright red, stronger greens and browns. You can use loud artifacts to do up this decor. Remember, the furniture, while going in with the tropical theme, should be of darker brown tones, to depict the lushness of the tropics. Just give a good thought about the color coordination you want and give your ideas a splash with the tropical sense.

Hawaiian Beach Décor
This theme is not entirely different from the tropical style. The only difference here is the use of some typical Hawaiian icons to your décor. Hawaii is famous for surfing. Hence, you can add some surf décor to your style. Various artifacts, which depict Hawaii and its culture can also be used, like the Tiki masks, or a ukulele (a four stringed guitar of Hawaiian origin) on the wall or a Tiki statue on a display table.

Palm Tree Décor
Palm tree as décor is an accessory rather than a décor style in itself and is a very elegant and natural way of representing your beach décor. The greenery that it brings in makes your home look refreshing and tranquil. They can be part of the tropical theme or the Balinese or equatorial theme. You can put them in a cluster and make them a focal point of the décor. Alternatively, you can place them in different spots inside the house. How you place them is up to you. Palm trees or palm-like trees complement many different styles. Just make sure you take proper care of them.

Some Tips

Choosing The Color Scheme
This is the most important part of decorating a beach themed house. The contrasting combination of soothing and vibrant colors is actually advantageous. You can play with colors like pale blues, sandy tans, ultra whites to bright reds, stronger greens and browns. It is also very effective when you paint a white trim on any colored wall. Use a combination based on the style you want to depict. Contrast the colors and give a vibrant and lively feel to your house.

The Openness
Your house should have wide doors and windows to allow sunlight and fresh air inside. The main feature of a beach themed house is its freshness and open space, so, remember this part.

Use Of Artifacts
Use furniture and figurines, which depicts the beach. The texture should be natural and dark brown. The natural tan always gives a sense of relaxation. Place the accessories at proper places and make them the focus of your design.

Finally, Keep It Simple
The basic idea is keep things simple. Don’t go over the board and mess up things, stick to one style and make your imagination sound.