Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas


Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Looking to give a modern facelift to your existing bathroom? Some of the ways in which you can revamp your bathroom are repainting it with a different hue, displaying an exclusive artwork, embellishing the vanity area, or just sticking scintillating wallpapers on your bare, plain, lifeless walls. Wallpapers are back and in a big way, to fulfill the creative requirements of many bathrooms! For a bathroom décor, choose waterproof wallpaper, as bathrooms are prone to dampness, humidity and a lot of heat. Today, an extensive gamut of options is available in terms of colors, designs, and patterns. An appropriate wallpaper is enough to fortify the look of any bathroom. Once you are through with the wallpaper design, you can go for distinctive vanities, mirrors, lighting, and hardware options to ornament your bathroom in a unique way! Despite this, many homemakers are hesitant to add wallpapers to their bathroom due to the challenge of selecting, sticking, and removing the wallpapers. The following ideas will help you overcome the fears related to wallpapers. Check them out.

Types Of Bathroom Wallpapers

Vinyl Wallpapers
Vinyl wallpapers fit very well into the bathroom atmosphere. Vinyl wallpaper conceals all the damages and other blemishes ruining the bathroom walls. They are available in dazzling colors and are very simple to stick. It is also quite easy to clean your vinyl wallpaper by just wiping it with a damp cloth or mild scrub, though it is a little difficult to remove it off the walls. For this, you need to pull the wallpaper upwards. If this is not helpful, then you need a powerful adhesive remover that can soften the glue and a scrapper to strip the edges off.

Faux Marble Style Bathroom Wallpapers
Faux marble style bathroom wallpapers are admired by those who prefer neutral shades and tints in their bathroom. You need not be much attentive about gluing the strips of faux styled wallpapers in their own order. Thus, they are very easy to fix on your bathroom walls. Their neutral colors include white, beige, peach, or shades that give your bathroom a very elegant impression.

Contour Wallpapers
For quick, economical, or easy way to deck your bathroom, you can opt for contour anti-bacterial wallpapers. For long, contour wallpapers have been very promising. There are numerous types of contour wallpapers available in the market ranging from tile effects, floral patterns, and geometrical designs or with dotted patterns. Contour wallpapers are also splash proof, meant especially for bathrooms. Though contour wallpapers are suitable for rooms with higher moisture content, they are not suggested in shower cubicles.

Grasscloth Bathroom Wallpapers
Grasscloth wallpapers are a good option to adorn your colorless bathroom as they are blessed with natural beauty. Just make sure that they synchronize well with your toiletries. They are adorned with different designs and colors and are available everywhere in the market such as off-white, brown, or beige colors. To stick your bathroom walls with grasscloth wallpaper, cut the wallpaper into strips. Spray adhesive to the bathroom walls and fix the strips to enlighten your walls. Similarly, to remove grasscloth wallpapers, spray an adhesive remover and strip the boundaries of the wallpaper.

Wallpapers For Small Bathrooms
One of the finest ways to decorate your small bathroom is to display bright colored wallpaper in it. This will exhilarate the entire aura of your small restroom. As you aspire to make your small bathroom look bigger and spacious, stick the wallpaper on the ceiling of your bathroom along with the walls. Wallpapers in your small bathroom should be light in color such as white, beige, or light yellow. Similarly, avoid dark colors and large patterns, as they will give an illusion of narrower space as compared to the actual size of your bathroom.

Designs For Bathroom Wallpapers

Wooden Looking Wallpapers
If it was your long desire to add wood to your bathroom, but couldn’t do it because of the moisture and the expenditure involved, go for wooden patterned wallpapers. Your bathroom will have a mysterious real-wood feeling without worrying about the dampness and moisture.

Theme Based Designs
Setting themes for your wallpapers is the latest trend in bathroom decoration. Analyze your inclination, your moods, and likes and then pick an appropriate theme for bathroom wallpaper. For instance, using countryside wallpaper with a garden as green shades is very comforting, and allows you to connect with nature. You can also use wallpapers with earthy tones to give a soothing feel to your bathroom. You can even change the theme of your bathroom, just by changing the wallpaper to a different design.

Sophisticated Wallpapers
If you aren’t comfortable with any particular theme just go for those shades and patterns that will harmonize with the colors of your home as a whole. Colors like light pink, rust, mustard, mauve, gray, crème, off-white don’t only look classy, but also very soothing. No-nonsense patterns on the bathroom wallpapers will add sophistication to your bathroom. Even monochrome wallpapers of retro style will impart elegance to your bathroom.

Black And White Wallpapers
Black and white doesn’t mean dull and monotonous. This deadly combination can even surpass the beauty and effects of bright and multihued wallpapers. They are very stylish and trendy especially for contemporary bathrooms. There are infinite number of patterns and designs that are available in black and white shades.

Wallpapers add magnetism to the existing interiors of your bathroom. They eliminate boredom and add more life and vitality to your bathroom. The universal rule while choosing the right wallpaper design is to figure out the shape and size of your bathroom. Big and bold patterns are meant for larger bathrooms whereas subdued colors and small prints make your small bathroom more spacious. Horizontal stripes are best suited for small bathrooms as they make the area look wide, whereas vertical stripes stretch the height of your bathroom.