Bathroom Paint Colors

Bathroom Home Colors

Your bathroom is the first place that you visit after you wake up in the morning. Hence, you need to paint it in a way that not only helps you rise and shine, but re-energizes you for the rest of the day. However, that doesn’t mean that you choose a shocking blue or a fluorescent yellow that just bolts you out of your sleep. Painting a bathroom requires as much care and consideration as other rooms. Also, it is important to choose a high quality paint for longer life and better feel. Coating your bathroom with the right hue can add style, ambiance and character to your bathing space. So depending on whether you want your bathroom to look contemporary or timeless, add a sense of space to it or shrink it, you should pick your palette. Remember, the color scheme you choose should create the desired mood, must look natural and comfortable, and should make your skin look good. Here are some options for bathroom paint colors.

Bathroom Colors

This is the most common choice for small and dark bathrooms. Not only does it look classy, but bright too. You can highlight white with pink, peach or yellow undertones. The resultant effect would be a subtle tint that will keep the room from looking too stark and blank.

Team this cool color with slight shimmery undertones that will glisten instead of looking glum and drab. The hint of shimmer will create an optical illusion of shifting sunlight. Result — a cool and elegant looking bathroom that looks spacious too.

Pink is a very serene color that tends to recede, but it is the rosiness that warms the room. Pink also flatters most complexions. You can fix yellow bulbs to complement the color with the lighting and use pink bulbs to minimize wrinkles and make people look younger.

Yellow, the color of sunshine is another ideal color for bathrooms. You can choose from buttercream to pale to Venetian gold and more. If your bathroom doesn’t receive adequate natural sunlight, yellow is the color to go for. Paint the trims of your bathroom in crisp white and the walls in light shades for best effect.

This is the coolest color for a bathroom as aqua walls make a room glow. You can try various shades in a mix of blue and green. Aqua will bring in the expansive feel of a tropical sea to your bath space. Paint the walls in pale aqua to make the bathroom look spacious. For a warm hue, mix aqua with gold.

Bathroom Color Schemes
Black And White
Whether you wish to lend sophisticated elegance or contemporary charm to your bath space, you can never go wrong with a safe color scheme like black and white. This gorgeous contradiction of dark and light will add an instant touch of drama to your boring bath space.

Turquoise And Pink
There can be no better way to break the humdrum than add a splash of color. And turquoise and pink does exactly that. This combination not only gives a modern feel to the bathroom, but also looks invigorating too.

White And Blue
This mix of colors creates a bathroom that has something exciting about it, as it has a rather dark contrasting look. You can produce absolutely gorgeous boutique lines by accessorizing the bathroom with dark blue sinks, toilets, towels, etc.

Brown And Cream
You can choose a creamy tone if pure white is too bland for your senses. You can have a spacious looking bathroom with cream walls and sandy brown trims

Orange And White
This shocking dose of color will add personality to an otherwise blank space. You can give your bathroom a new look with this combination.

Bathroom Paint Themes
Use these paint color themes to liven up your bathroom. These themes are more appropriate if you want to match the décor of your home with your bathrooms or want to create certain moods with colors.

Romantic Red
Red, hot pink, crimson, scarlet, off-white and pale brown
Sunny Summer
Banana yellow, cream, amber, gold and vanilla
Pretty Pink
Baby pink, pastel pink, magenta, deep pink and white
Warm Shades
Colors based on yellows, oranges, browns, yellowish greens, orangish reds, summer and spring colors.
Cool Colors
Colors based on blues, greens, pinks, purples, blue-greens, magentas, blue-based reds, autumn and winter colors.
Colors with undertones like beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray, pale pink, tan, gold, peach and white

Your choice of color will also depend on the type of décor you have. Try to match the décor of your home with your bathroom by incorporating contemporary, traditional, cottage or modern themes. And remember, it’s not just the paint colors that beautify your bathroom, but also accessories like bath fittings, faucets, sinks, toilets, linen and other pots and plants. Use candles, potted plants, rugs, shower curtains, mirrors and hangers to complete the décor of your bathroom.