Baroque Interior Design

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Extravagant, expensive, elegant, flamboyant, theatrical, and flashy — these are just a few words that come to the mind when we think of ‘Baroque’ homes. Originating in France and endorsed by King Louis XIV, this highly glitzy and glamorous interior style once adorned the homes of the rich and the famous, as an ostentatious display of their wealth and affluence, but not anymore. Modern Baroque interiors merge the timeless elegance and dramatic embellishments of the ‘Baroque’ with contemporary styles and tastes, juxtaposing flamboyance with functionality. The Baroque style that we find in most homes today is rather a toned down version of the original style. And no, you don’t need a king’s ransom to furnish and deck up your home the Baroque way. Just flair and passion is enough to help you recreate the ambiance of the bygone ‘Baroque period’ in your home. Versatile yet classy, this home décor provides one with enough freedom of expression. So, do not get intimidated by its affluent nature; feel free to embrace this style and make this elegant décor your way of life.

Baroque Decor
Baroque Furnishings
To replicate the authentic Baroque interior design, you must opt for furnishings that aren’t just luxurious, but also highly ornate. The upholstery that you choose must be rich in patterns and colors. Adding carved and ornate arms and legs would lend further richness to your home decor. Your dressers and desks can be beautified using crystal knobs. Additionally, you may hang tassels on soft furnishings for a rich feel.

Wall Treatments
Embellishing the walls with vibrant wallpaper is one great way to harmonize it with the rest of the furnishings. If you are opting for paints, go for dark colours. Choosing deep red or hunter green would provide a dramatic look to the room. You can create a rich ambiance by using gilded furnishings and art works too. For further elegance, use boiserie, an exclusive wooden panelling, that will add character to the walls. Adding wainscoting and mouldings will also increase the vigour of the walls. Get wallpapers in bold and stylish prints such as floral and damask or the ones embroidered in gold or silver. Fabric wall treatments are also popular in Baroque design. Using panelled mirrors will also lend a gorgeous appearance to a room.

During the Baroque times, marble floor was in vogue. However, today hardwood has come to replace the old favourite. In order to warm up the area, you can use area rugs. Wood or marble having inlay designs add to the character and elegance of a room. Keeping hand-woven rugs in European style will also warm up and soften the room. Using stone flags, bricks and tiles creates an illusion of varied depths. Trying geometric patterns in black and white marble in shapes like diamonds, squares and cubes will further add to the ‘Baroque’ ambiance of your room.

Up the elegance quotient of your house with crystals and chandeliers that are quintessentially ‘Baroque’. You can hang them in entryways, living rooms and dining rooms. You can further enhance its beauty by attaching silver and gold fixtures. While choosing lamps, opt for coloured fabrics with decorative accents. You can lend an air of sophisticated charm to the room by adding matching wall sconces and lamps. Using lampshades in matching fabric or colours that complement the drapery and upholstery of the room would be another great way to lend beauty to the room.

Window Treatments
From fabrics to window treatments, all must be rich in texture and should complement the furnishings. Opting for silk, taffeta or velvet would be a good idea. Ensure you use the same fabric in bed covers and tablecloths too. You can beautify tie them using tie backs made of gold or crystal.

The colours in a Baroque style home are usually flamboyant and intense. While gold is the most preferred colour, you can opt for deep red, indigo, purple, strong blue and umber. It is also common to use neutral tones of white, black, gray, brown and beige. As you can see, the Baroque furniture comes in a multitude of colours, which includes blue, green, red, yellow, orange and even pink. So finding the perfect palette for your room shouldn’t be much of a worry for you.

Accessories play an important role in Baroque interior decor. Opt for quality-oriented ornate mirrors to embellish your home. Ensure you choose two or three focal points in the room. You can adorn the furnishings and curtains using beaded and braided tassels. Choosing for cords, fringes and cords, will enhance the atmosphere.

Art Pieces
Paintings and wall tapestries provide rich finishing touch to the room. While using framed paintings, you can gild the frames, as it is an important colour in Baroque style design. Ensure that the vases and sculpture you place are intricately designed.

Decorative And Bedding
The beds in a Baroque bedroom should be opulent, soft and in good taste. You can deck it up with pillows, silk spread and intricate embroideries. Using blue and white Delftware, a small sculptural bust or a lacquerware would further enhance the ambiance. It is preferable to choose colours such as purple, ochre, gold and indigo to beautify the bedding.

Baroque interior design is something more than a style of decor; it is an asset to the house. Go for it and bring home a wealth of style.