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Baby Room Themes

Though smallest of all members, your baby deserves a cozy, cute and colorful space in your home. Creating a snug space for the baby is very important, who had a comfortable life inside your womb priorly. Creating a baby room is different from other interiors because prospective inhabitant is highly delicate. Of course, comfort should be the main focus of a baby room, but there is no harm in taking extra care to make your baby’s room extra-special and attractive. Investing in baby furniture could burn a hole in your pocket, but there is no point in going bankrupt decking up your young one’s room. If thoughtfully executed, creating a theme-based baby room is not a big task at all. A simple and effective way to go about it is to decide a theme for the room and choose the furnishing accordingly. Deciding a theme in advance provides you with an idea about what to purchase and how to arrange. Pick every piece of your décor and furniture carefully to avoid over expenditure. Given below are some interesting themes for baby room. Have a look at them.

Baby Boy Room Themes

Nautical Theme
Blue is the most suitable theme for a baby boy’s room. This color is very much associated to sea and it would be great to deck up the prince’s room with nautical theme. Embroidered or printed beddings with sailboats, fishes, boats, high sea compass printed or marine printed pillow would make the perfect bedding. Paintings on sea, boat, or marine animals would be good choice to deck up the walls. Door knob may be of sailboat, fish or other sea-based subjects. A nautical lamp with an anchor base, rope detail would be perfect lighting option. You may add a sailor name plaque for the finishing touch.

Dogs And Cats Theme
Dogs and cats are all-time favorites of small babies, especially baby boys. Try painting the baby room wall with a cute dog or mouse picture or deck it up with nicely printed wallpaper. Baby bedding with dog or cat embroidery is available in the shops in plenty. Paintings and wall hangings of the same theme can be used to embellish the room. Additionally, you could opt for dog-printed rug, pillows and wall hangings. It would be great if you could find something like puppy dog knob for his room.

Cars, Trains And Planes
Baby boys are often crazy about vehicles and hence, any decorations based on these things would attract him. It won’t be difficult to get bedding printed with vehicles. However, if you find it difficult to get them, you may approach upholsteries to get customized bedding with your favorite prints. Make sure that the rest of the furnishings go well with this theme. Everything including the curtains, rugs, lampshades, etc. should co-ordinate with this theme.

Baby Girl Room Themes
Floral prints attract baby girls more than baby boys and hence, they are good choice to deck up your little princess’s room. Floral printed beddings are common and so, it may be easy for you to find it. Deck up the wall with floral wallpaper or else paint the wall with floral designs. Do not forger to add other accessories like floral printed curtains and wall hangings.

Nothing is as girly as pink and making pink a theme for your baby girl’s room cannot flop. Everything from bedding to curtains, accessories, decors and wall hanging should have the touch of pink, preferably light pink. Visit your nearby shop to get pink baby furniture and beddings.

Fairies, angels and princess are all-time favorites of baby girls. Deck up her room with such fancy elements and watch her enjoying it. You may deck up her bed with nets to create such an ambience. Decors like chandeliers, wall art, bed crown, children’s collage art works, etc. are available in shops.

Common Themes
Popular Cartoons
Cartoons are loved by babies, irrespective of genders. You may opt for timeless characters like Mickey Mouse, Winnie, Donald Duck, etc. or choose more modern ones like Hello Kitty, Thomas Train, etc.

Animal Theme
Children love animals for their different looks and characters. Beyond doubt, animals are good choice for children’s room. You may make life-like paintings of animals on wall or opt for cartoon version. Animal printed beddings and curtains are available. Wall fittings and bath towels are also available. You may opt for furry décor and accessories to embellish your baby’s room.

Polka Dots
Polka dots make a great baby room theme. Cute multi-colored circles make the room appear colorful and cheerful. Polka doted beddings are common and you may get one easily from a nearby store. Curtains and lampshades decked with beautiful dots could help creating coordination in the room. Leave the wall in a light color plain shade to avoid going overboard with dots. Also, plain background highlights dotted furnishing. You may go for light blue color for a baby boy’s room and light pink for baby girl’s room.

Welcoming the new member of your family is one of the happiest moments in life. Color, fun, comfort and lots of love are essential ingredients for a perfect baby room.