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how to texture walls

How To Texture Walls


Texturing your home walls can turn your room from drab to dynamic, add dimension to your space and lend an interesting edge to the entire décor. From beautiful curves to rough-hewn edges to tweedy fabric — there are myriad ways to add textural interest to your walls. The textural changes...

moroccan interior design ideas

Moroccan Interior Design


Jeweled tones, bohemian ambiance, intricate patterns, flowing fabrics, low-seats — these are some of the things that best describe a Moroccan home setting. Moroccan décor reinforces an effortless character to any space. Simply put, Moroccan décor is ethnic, exotic and inviting and is one ideal way to break blah of...

old world style decor

Old World Style Decor


The old world style decor is characterized by extreme elegance, warmth and comfort. The rich colors like maroons, olives, navy blues and burgundies used in this kind of decor truly helps to bring out the regal look, which this decor is so-much coveted for. Whether it is the colors or...

country style home decor

Country Style Home Decor


The country style home décor is very casual and comforting and exudes a lot of warmth and rustic charm. At the same time, it is very sophisticated and fashionable too. The raw wooden textures and bright sunny colors not only help to create an au natural ambiance within your homes,...

gothic home decor

Gothic Home Decor


Whether it’s the popular form of architecture you want to replicate or a gothic lifestyle that you want to embrace, decorating your home the gothic way can be quite a daring and interesting task. This dark yet creative style of interior is indeed jaw dropping, if not ghoulish. To decorate...

mudroom ideas

Mudroom Ideas

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A mudroom is a common concept in American homes. However, many households elsewhere are also adopting the idea of having a mudroom. The mudroom acts as a barrier between the indoors and outdoors of a house. It is treated as a secondary casual entry into the house where one can...

french country style decorating

French Country Decorating Ideas


The perfect amalgam of rustic and refined, the country-style French décor brings in the right amount of comfort and class to any home. Marked by ruffles, distressed woodwork and both bold and subdued hues, this one décor can immediately transform your dull den into a stunning retreat. French country decoration...

african american home decor

African American Decor


Adding a bit of Africa to your home décor can yield interesting results. African décor is not only interesting, but also invigorating and looks extremely svelte and stylish. The colors, textures and symbolism that African-American décor offers are indeed jaw dropping. The versatile African décor primarily revolves around human figurines,...

indian home decor

Indian Home Decor


Give your home a nice, rich, warm face-lift with the exuberant colors and intricate patterns of vibrant Indian décor. Unique and inspiring, you can glam up your home in the most elegant way by borrowing some inspiration from the rustic yet extravagant Indian home décor. Indian décor usually makes use...

Wall Color Combinations

Wall Color Combinations


Whether you are making a new home or refurbishing an old one, the first step before you do the interiors is picking the perfect color palette for your walls. Nowadays, everyone wants to highlight their homes and offices with an interesting contrast of colors. Seldom will you find people willing...