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african american home decor

Adding a bit of Africa to your home décor can yield interesting results. African décor is not only interesting, but also invigorating and looks extremely svelte and stylish. The colors, textures and symbolism that African-American décor offers are indeed jaw dropping. The versatile African décor primarily revolves around human figurines, visual representations, sculptures, performance art and non-linear designs. The bold, bright and ethnic feel that African décor brings to your home can be best described as natural, eclectic, and earthy. From the rustic life to the lush wildlife to the coastal blues and the verdant greens — there are plenty of ways to recreate African interest within your walls. So go ahead, change the décor of your home, and give it an interesting African yet contemporary twist. The pointers enlisted below should give you an idea on how to decorate your home a la the African American way.

African American Home Décor
To go about decorating the African American way, you need to start off with a few things first.

Neutral Walls
As African American art is mainly bold and bright, neutral colored walls are the best bet to accentuate the overall effect. To recreate a warm feel, terracotta walls make for a great backdrop. Otherwise, a yellow, light gold, cream and gray really help to bring out the dark hues of African artifacts well. If you really want to go for a stark contrast, then plain white walls are a great option.

The Fabrics
Wall hangings, bed sheets, table runners or cushion pillows with Afro centric designs can really spice up the African-American inspired look of your home. Decorating with fabric is an integral part of this themed décor. African inspired fabric is really bright and splashed with natural colors. Throw cushions or sheets with large bold prints to pull of the African-American décor easily and effortlessly. For heightened effect, go for animal prints.

True African furniture is dramatic and symbolic in nature. Go for dark colored woods like mahogany, teak and rosewood for the African American décor theme. You can choose from exciting furniture pieces like tables, rustic stools, with or without carvings on them that can enhance the overall African American décor of your room.

Some Interesting African Artifacts

Human Head Figures
Human head figures are central to African art. A single head placed on an empty wall can truly emphasize the décor and add a true-blue African touch to your home. They add a lot of intrigue to any space. You can opt for figures of dancers, chiefs, trades like drummers or hunters or a representation of god.

African art prefers three-dimensional arts to two-dimensional and are also more abstract in nature. Therefore, to highlight the African American inspired décor, go for 3D sculptures with an abstract edge. These sculptures can serve as the focal attraction of any room. One can go for the bronze sculptures as they look absolutely stunning and more rustic.

African Mask
The African mask is probably the most admired art form. Apart from the beauty, these masks carry a deeper meaning and are very significant to the African culture. These masks, usually used in dance ceremonies, are a connection between the human world and the spirit world. Therefore, these African masks, when used as pieces of décor, can really bring out the essence of the theme.

Musical Instruments
Musical instruments are not just for playing and enjoying, but can be used as artifacts too. African musical instruments serve as works of art as they are covered with patterns and embellished with beads and feathers. Instruments like the fulani flutes, kalangba xylophone, harp and many more can be used as artifacts to decorate the walls or corners of the house.

Tips For Your African American Décor

    • Try to create interesting corners. As African art is intense and bold, let the individual pieces create impact. Never huddle too many artifacts together in one place, but let one piece do the talking.
    • You can go shopping for African masks, textiles and other artifacts at reduced rates at flea market and even at end of semester sales at the universities and schools.